Non-fungible bitcoin. Minting soon!

Non Fungible Bitcoin.
A Peer-To-Peer Non Fungible Cash

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What is Non-Fungible Bitcoin

Non-Fungible Bitcoin is a collection of 2100 identical NFTs living on the Solana network it is the first Bitcoin branded NFT collection.

Non-Fungible Bitcoin holders are rewarded with 50% of the royalties on traded volume and voting rights for the Non Fungible DAO which decides quarterly what to do with the remaining 50% of royalties from traded volume.

The ultimate goal for Non-Fungible Bitcoin is for one NFB to be
valued >1 BTC.

We are a RadRugs certified project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will 1 NFB be worth more than 1 BTC?

1. The Non-Fungible DAO will redistribute a portion of royalties to earn yield from a pool of staked Solana that is consistently growing.

2. The finite nature of the collection (2100 in existence) 10,000x less the supply of Bitcoin.

3. The mechanisms used to foster community and growth between NFT communities and the existing Bitcoin community. NFB will act as a catalyst for adoption into Solana NFTs and bring new money into the blockchain.

What is the Non-Fungible DAO?

The Non Fungible DAO is a community fund that will use 50% of the royalties from NFB sales to invest into staking and lucrative opportunities. Each NFB is a vote for decisions the Non-Fungible DAO makes.

What is the Royalty Structure?

There is a 7.77% royalty fee when Non Fungible Bitcoins are traded, this is distributed 50% to the holders on the 1st and 15th of every month and the other 50% to the Non Fungible DAO Wallet where each holder of a Non Fungible Bitcoin will have voting rights over.

Who founded Non-Fungible Bitcoin?

Non Fungible Bitcoin or NFB for short was founded by an anonymous team of friends with a passion for NFT's, Bitcoin and the Solana network. 

How many Non-Fungible Bitcoin does the team hold?

The team will hold 210 Non-Fungible bitcoins.

Wen Mint?

Non Fungible Bitcoin will be available for mint soon! Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

How to mint a Non-Fungible Bitcoin

The easiest way to mint a non fungible bitcoin is to download google chrome and add the Phantom wallet browser extension from the google chrome store. Create a wallet, fund it with SOL and you're ready to mint! be sure to follow our social media pages for the latest updates.