Non-fungible bitcoin. Minting soon!

Non Fungible Bitcoin Roadmap

Below are details on how we plan to roll out Non Fungible Bitcoin

Step One
- Release whitepaper
(concepts in detail)

- Release official artwork

- Release "The Non Fungible Dex" (The first DEX exclusively for NFT community tokens)

- Announce official mint date
(1 SOL mint)
Step Two
- NFB  Dashboard, a hub to track the price of BTC and NFB floor price with added features.

- Build Resource and data repository / blog, Resource for information and on developing and trading cryptocurrency and NFTs on Solana (e.g figment)
Step Three
- Promote NFB through influencers, host IRL NFT events

- Use Youtube and other Bitcoin influencers to enable brand awareness as the official “Non Fungible” version of Bitcoin

- Approach official news outlets - e.g Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin news magazines to further promote and curate the brand

- Directly contact writers from popular finance and crypto/NFT news outlets to further extend the brand to the mainstream

- Continue to payout royalties Bi-Weekly to holders (50%), staking and investing the other 50% quartetly according to DAO votes.
Step Four (future)
- Develop RPC infrastructure and revenue models quicknode, figment etc.

- Token (TBD)
- NFT appraisal service
- NFT risk anaylsis software
- Develop risk analysis and other tools